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One of a kind, high quality engineered picture frames with a mix of premium hardwoods and metal. Original beautiful works of art printed on high quality fine art paper. 

Frame   mix of premium hardwoods and anodized aluminum corners. (Wood sections are hand-oiled with a linseed oil that is 100% FDA approved for food contact surfaces and contain no VOC’s or dyes).
Artwork: Original beautiful works of art printed on high quality fine art paper (bright white rag, 100% cotton, acid-free)
Acrylic Glass: Premium museum quality.
Stand-Offs: Made of anodized aluminum, these are designed to mount the artwork a fixed distance from the wall. You can either mount these stand-offs directly to the wall or you can hang the artwork with the traditional picture wire and use the stand just for the illusion the artwork is 'floating'.

There are 2 ways to order:...

  • One of a kind frame + work of art printed in high quality artisan paper (COMPLETE PIECE)
  • One of a kind frame (FRAME ONLY) in which you can place your own image.

We included a contact form below if you have any questions or requests.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Because these are made to order, the lead time can range from 2-6 weeks and may vary, depending on the degree of labor intensity. Pricing will depend on the difficulty of the piece, material and labor/time invested.  Once design proof is accepted, price & payment is approved then we will be able to start the project.

Here are some examples of available frames/artwork for purchase....

 Urban Frame Img
 Structure Frame Img
 Rustic Frame Img

Compact straps for lighter weights, higher reps...

Can improve your dynamic workouts...

Our compact straps are a more versatile design for activities that require you to hold lighter weights for longer periods of time such as lunges, squats, ab sequences, elastic band pull-ups, kettle bell swings…. Wrap your Motus straps around the bar or the handle on your elastic bands 2-3 times.


Big Strap Mindset...

All of our products are designed with function and performance.  Although our Motus straps are intended for lower weight activities, we build them with the high quality custom bead webbing and strong box stitching for high level performance and durability while the slim design adds comfort and reliability.


Can help prevent hand fatigue...

Our Compact Straps can assist with gripping so you can focus on your fitness activity and not the fatigue in your hands.  In addition, our straps have a high quality neoprene pad to help prevent wrist pain.


Universal design that comfortably fits even smaller wrists...

These straps provide neoprene padding that is designed to allow the strap to be snugged tightly around even smaller wrists for improved support.