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Journey Commuter Board

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A passion for movement.

The journey board touts a fun way to get from point A to point B in style and practicality.  Top quality construction and compact design are a must have.

Size matters.

The design was born from necessity…to have a versatile board that offered a fun and purposeful method for motion but compact and configurable to fulfill many adventures. Versatility makes the Journey unique to any other board.  The deck is compact and designed to accommodate standard trucks as well as our custom rear hanger for mounting single inline wheels.   When running with an 80mm inline wheel and the heel kick, you have the ability to use your foot and apply some braking without stepping off the board. This makes for an easy and uninterrupted cruz down your favorite stretch of pavement. Made in the USA is always at the forefront of any products we design and FreeMotus is no different. So where ever we can have USA Made content - we will. The decks at made from 7-ply maple and the rear hanger and heel kick are fully machined in our shop right outside of Buffalo, NY.

The rear hanger is fully CNC machined Aluminum then anodized FreeMotus blue to help protect it from the elements. We designed the hanger to support 80mm diameter inline wheels and smaller so you can tune your riding style. Installation and centering of the wheels as well as preloading of the bearings are all made easy with the thru axle design. All the axle hardware and clamping fasteners are made from stainless steel and our heel kick is machined from an engineering plastic to withstand the wear and tear associated with traveling and riding.