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FM Suction Cups (2 pack)

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This versatile suction cup is for both indoor and outdoor use with a heavy duty black webbing and Free Motus blue stitching to add a splash of color.  The hang clip is a strong zinc plated steel (unlike most other brands which typically use a plastic clip). Suitable for smooth, flat surfaces such as tile walls, glass, smooth metal - just about any smooth surface.


Step 1

Wipe the surface clean. Remove
protective film, inspect cup and
make sure the surface of cup is

Step 2

Put lever in the upright position
and then place cup on clean

Step 3

While holding cup in place with
one hand, use the other hand to
push down the lever.

Step 4

Make sure it is secure in place
before use.

Step 5

For removal, move lever to
upright position. Grab the
protruding handle at the
bottom of the cup and pull.
Pull it out by hand only.

Note - Keep handle/lever in upright position when not in use.


Quantity  2 per pack

Black with the classic
Free Motus blue

Max Load Capacity 20 lbs
Fastener  Zinc plated steel