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CNC Machined Hand Sanitizer Sprayer w/ Lanyard

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Our 'Be Present' Sprayer is a small fully machined aluminum and anodized reusable/refillable container that you can use to spray liquid hand sanitizer and keep it around your neck so that it is close 'at hand'.

Like every Free Motus product, we take pride in every design and manufacture all the machined components in our shop and partnering shops in the US, staying local whenever we can.

You can fill your sprayer with other substances such as bug spray or (liquid) sunscreen. Whatever you decide to replenish your sprayer with…let it be a reminder of how fast life can change …so live in the moment and 'Be Present'…. 

* Please note -

- Sprayer does not come with hand sanitizer/liquid.  Must be purchased separately.

- Liquid needs to be the same viscosity as water to properly work with the supplied sprayer.

- Comes with a standard black lanyard with detachable buckle.

- May vary slightly from the photo depending on availability of some of the accessories. 

- Holds enough liquid for approximately 45 pumps.